Business Events

Events. Experience. Variety.
The type of the uniqueness of the events is widely spread and can get a different charm, comparing to any other places on the light of the cultural atmosphere - royal- that has a lot of folkloric culture in the architectural building and the atmosphere allowing the experience to fulfill itself completely. The professional and experienced team of the Green House allows a capacity of the created concept for this year in the most perfect way and one thing is sure… no one stays stone-faced.
The site has a garden, a room, a patio, and two more stairs where you can enrich the program and the atmosphere of the event: the stair of the artistic exhibitions of the academy and the terrace under which a landscape and an urban atmosphere lay down with a perspective in the distant.
The place can contain up to 300 seated places in the garden and 200 in the patio.
For a cocktail type event, around 1000 people can stand between the first stair and the garden.
A free parking next to the house can be at the disposition of the guests.

Among our customers
The French Embassy, the Holland Embassy, El-Al, Opticana, Tel-Aviv University, New-Pharm, healthcare services Maccabi, the Israeli railroad, the weight guardians, the department of the Strategic Business, Harel insurances and finance, Yedioth communication, Bank Leumi, Amdocs, healthcare services Clalit, Office Depot, the port authority, O12 smile, Bezeq, Ebsco, Crazy Line and others.